Katie: She Went to Couples Counseling Alone

February 4, 2019










Katie is the reason this single gal has a savings account!

I’d always dreamt and envisioned this big way of celebrating milestones such as a 10-year anniversary.

What is the “sure enough” way to know what my gut instinct is telling me is the truth? You go on a second honeymoon.

When I came home that’s when I started unwrapping that combined life and making my new plan for myself.

Everything I had been feeling was sadly true.

I held out hope for so long that this was fixable.

I had heard messages that we compromise, we work things out, we fight for our marriage, marriage is forever.

I compromised all of myself and I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

I vanished in that relationship.

Something woke me up after that 10-years

Why am I unhappy, why am I feeling so empty, why am I feeling so lost, why is nothing fulfilling or exciting. It was because I didn’t even know who I was.

I felt like I was turning into a crazy person.

I almost had a mental checklist of every single thing I could try before I knew there was no hope.

I felt like it [leaving] was a rebirth or an awakening.

I thought about the things I loved when I was a kid and those were the things I went back to.

If someone had asked me to talk about myself other than what I did for a living and that I was a Mom, I wouldn’t have been able to string together many sentences.

The word that always comes to mind when I think about who I am as a person is resilient.

I just kept getting back up and I won’t stay down.

I believed in love and I believed in my ability to be a whole person and I was not going to let this scar me or wound me forever.

It was just going to be something I grew and learned from.

I had a lot of support from my immediate family that was absolutely priceless.

When I found myself Suddenly Single I felt like I lost all my friends.

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