Jonathan: What would I do if I found out she was cheating on me?

March 11, 2019









She was traveling a lot

I started to get jealous

I was considering hacking into my wife’s account to spy on her

I knew that wasn’t good

What would I do if I found out she was cheating on me?

A part of me wouldn’t be mad

I could use that as an excuse to end the relationship

It occurred to me that it was over

We worked out a logical separation plan

I made sure to move close so we could keep our son in the same daycare

We make it a point to be helpful to each other

I started picking up hobbies

I felt like shackles had been pulled off

I found myself doing things I didn’t know whether I would like doing or not

I wanted to do something with my life

I finally had time to start a passion project

That was the start of a very wild ride

I can get lonely like the next person but I’m an introvert

When my emotions are shut off they’re all shut off

I wasn’t feeling joy of any sort at all I actually went to counseling about it

As a really overweight person who has a hard time getting a date shutting off feels better than feeling loneliness or pain

I have to be intentional about trying to take risks and feel pain

I found out I’m a very flexible personality

This was making me really unhappy

I found myself resenting it more and more over time

I’ve learned I need to be aware of who I am

It’s interesting how we continue to learn about ourselves

It’s really easy to get down on yourself when you find yourself single

Forgive yourself for whatever your part in that relationship was

In the course of a year or two years, your life can entirely change

Operate with integrity and allow yourself to grow and be the best you can be

Just because a relationship is over doesn’t mean life is over

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