Diana: They Grew Apart After 22 Years of Marriage

May 27, 2019










I was married for 22 years

Our paths were going separate ways

Things started to get really thin

We didn’t have that much going on together

I woke up every morning and I would journal

I had stayed too long at the fair

We really did love each other but the thing wasn’t there anymore

No professional growth no personal growth

It was like two separate lives

I was crying while I was writing

One day I was dry-eyed and it had passed

Sometimes we get signs and we have to look at them with curiosity

It was a lightbulb moment

Suddenly my eyes were open to the fact that there are a lot of amazing people around in my life and all I have to do it invite them in

I was very nose down do what I needed to do

The community you develop can not only support you but also open you up to other ways of being

You’re not alone at all

If you’re open like that you just grow

Take small steps to do different things that are difficult at first

Go up against that thing that freezes you up.

There will be grief

Allow yourself to be in this new world

Breaking things down into what they really are helps so much

I moved 3000 miles away

You never know what is going to happen out of taking that chance

When you live and when you step out into it you get things that you never ever could have predicted

Letting them know they can love each parent for who they are

The biggest thing to do is hold each other up for the love that you did have together so the children see that

Make it so they are not pulled into any drama

It’s been lovely in a lot of ways

I started to grow out of myself

I was feeling emotionally beat up

My kids got new friends, I got a new sense of being and I got a story published

When you do things with love, authenticity, integrity it will work out

I journaled every morning and that really, really helped

You have to dump those feelings so they don’t stay

I was being attentive to clues and cues around me

When you open yourself up to possibilities you start to see things you never would have imagined before

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