Luanna: I had a sudden realization I was single

March 16, 2020









I’ve been more single than in a relationship. I had a sudden realization I was single. Singleness had been a more natural state to me than being in a relationship.

It was a sudden realization of singleness for me. I thought I was cool until someone pointed it out. 

I feel like all my life relationships, boys, men that’s just going to ruin your life.

There are a lot of women in my family who are independent. You just kind of imitate and emulate what is encouraged by your family.

I always felt encouraged to be independent. You don’t need to be in a relationship or be married or to wait for someone to be able to do whatever. My mom was a great example for me. She seemed to pull everything off without my dad being there. 

I feel like it was a fork in the road for me and it could have gone either way. There was that big realization when it hit me and I found a way to process it. It didn’t impact me but it changed the way I saw how people felt.

I was unaware people had other views of singleness. I just thought there was my view. It opened up my eyes to the stigma that is attached sometimes.

I don’t think my life has changed a whole lot. I’m always open to making new friends and hanging out with old friends.

I love music festivals. You have a little more freedom when you go explore on your own. I enjoyed that experience of exploring on my own.

Being alone or being with someone doesn’t make a difference to me. If it’s a first time experience for me I want to figure things out on my own and get what I would like to get out of the experience and then the next time go back almost like in a tour guide capacity.

Relish your relationships. We consider ourselves single because we are lacking in one relationship.

I think everyone would enjoy being in a relationship with someone they are intended to be in a relationship with. When relationships go well there are great. But this is just one person we’re focusing in on. Take your focus off that for a while and look at everyone else you can relate to.

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