My husband is in the air force

The first time he went TDY we didn’t have kids

I came home to an empty house

We got married and left for our first duty assignment

He did a good job preparing me

The more difficult times were when we started to have kids

I didn’t really know anybody

It forced me to greet my neighbors

You have to find a support system

When my son was a newborn we PCS’d and I knew no one

Here I am, new mom, newborn trying to figure things out

For me, it has always been important to keep going in one way or another

We moved overseas and then we were in Kansas when we had our second son

My husband deployed to Baghdad

I felt the pressure to need to find a job

I saw everything being depleted

I stressed myself so much

I needed a job so I went and got it

I gained a lot of weight

A lot of stuff went on emotionally and financially

Even though we’re in the era of WhatsApp, it doesn’t replace the human being that can be in front of you

When you keep your mind busy and yourself busy it makes time go fast

Not having your spouse there to hold you when you’re having a bad day that’s rough, but being a military spouse, fortunately, has made me stronger. It never makes it easier but it has made me stronger.

You have to give yourself the grace to have those down days

I find when I take some time for me it allows me to think clearer

We have a lot going on and a lot of decisions to make

When we take care of ourselves it allows you to clear some of the mind so you can make better decisions

When you think you can’t do it or you’re overwhelmed you absolutely can

When you have a military spouse friend they know what they are going through










I met my ex-husband when I was 17

We were together 17 years

It was the first time I was ever single in my adult life

It was my choice to end the relationship

It was not how I envisioned my life to be

It was more about rebuilding the infrastructure of my life

There were a lot of things I depended on my husband for

There was a lot of trauma that happened for me post-divorce than within the relationship

It was important for me to heal and go through the healing journey

I forced myself to look at it and heal through it so that I don’t take that with me into the future

I cried a lot

I just kept getting triggered and triggered and triggered

You keep thinking I got this and then you get triggered and you’re just a complete mess

Feeling though all the feelings, allowing myself to be angry

When the timing is right I end up where I need to be

I didn’t run away from anything

I’m still figuring things out

To really learn who I am and to discover myself, I had to rebuild myself up and get in touch with who I am

I’m very much into energy, energy work, consciousness

That spiritual side of me go put away

I was shut down in so many places I didn’t even realize I was shut down in

I had to get back in touch with my feminine

I felt how separated I was from myself

How do I put myself back together because I was broken

I would meet with different energy healers

I was learning about myself

Having the ability and a safe space to move in a certain way put me back in touch with my femininity

I created my own roadmap and followed it

I redid my closet and got rid of as much black as I could

I am so content being alone, not lonely but alone

I love walking into my house and it’s just mine

I love my space

I was so shocked by how many people showed up to support me

I remember just bursting into tears

I felt supported, no one’s going to let me fall

Figure out who you are

This is your moment in time when you are raw and broken and putting yourself back together

You can forgive when you are ready to forgive

I felt so gratefulness for him and the lessons he taught me

Don’t force yourself into anything, just keep focusing on you and the rest will fall into place










I was married for 22 years

Our paths were going separate ways

Things started to get really thin

We didn’t have that much going on together

I woke up every morning and I would journal

I had stayed too long at the fair

We really did love each other but the thing wasn’t there anymore

No professional growth no personal growth

It was like two separate lives

I was crying while I was writing

One day I was dry-eyed and it had passed

Sometimes we get signs and we have to look at them with curiosity

It was a lightbulb moment

Suddenly my eyes were open to the fact that there are a lot of amazing people around in my life and all I have to do it invite them in

I was very nose down do what I needed to do

The community you develop can not only support you but also open you up to other ways of being

You’re not alone at all

If you’re open like that you just grow

Take small steps to do different things that are difficult at first

Go up against that thing that freezes you up.

There will be grief

Allow yourself to be in this new world

Breaking things down into what they really are helps so much

I moved 3000 miles away

You never know what is going to happen out of taking that chance

When you live and when you step out into it you get things that you never ever could have predicted

Letting them know they can love each parent for who they are

The biggest thing to do is hold each other up for the love that you did have together so the children see that

Make it so they are not pulled into any drama

It’s been lovely in a lot of ways

I started to grow out of myself

I was feeling emotionally beat up

My kids got new friends, I got a new sense of being and I got a story published

When you do things with love, authenticity, integrity it will work out

I journaled every morning and that really, really helped

You have to dump those feelings so they don’t stay

I was being attentive to clues and cues around me

When you open yourself up to possibilities you start to see things you never would have imagined before










I had been living 2.5 months in an alternate reality

There were no real grounds to have any red flags

I thought it was great out of the gym team chemistry

It was getting pretty serious…he was asking for ring sizes

I saw them arriving together with him driving her car

He had been dating both of us at the same time

It engulfed me in so much worry about this other situation he was feeding me as to why he couldn’t see me

It was all a lie and I had been believing it

Once I realized it was all fake it was like believing that the grass was purple

It was the most bizarre situation I have ever been in

It would have been better if he had ghosted me

You can’t make this stuff up

I’m someone who is a people pleaser

We came from significantly diverse backgrounds

I’m a sucker for a goofy boy

He had manipulated himself into someone who looked like he hadn’t made the best decisions in his past but was here now to make them right

He tells me he got named in a government case in this 10-year old drug ring in the Southside of Chicago

It was a sob story, I’m going to prison you shouldn’t be with me

I kept this secret inside me

I was just stuck on this big information island for 3-months

I don’t think she knew what he did to me

Suddenly I heard stories of so many people who had run into the law that nobody ever talks about it

Once I realized it was a lie it was so easy

Once you realize something you are worried about isn’t real then you’re just relieved

I was returning to myself and reestablishing my life as a strong independent woman

I was a trusting person

I don’t buy into the idea that people can be damaged from relationships

You certainly don’t feel like you have to go through it alone

I’ve been trying not to have up front expectations based on past experiences

I try to see the good in people and have an open mind

You want someone to be experienced enough so they can be a whole half to your relationship

What I tell myself is there is good going on around me and good happening for me that I may not see and I may never know about

Believe in that faith that good things are happening

I dodged a bullet

I was the only woman out of that whole year who didn’t end up pregnant

The end lesson of it was that I was actually being protected









I was getting dressed to go to some couples therapy when I got this text message

I hadn’t seen it coming

Hindsight is 20/20

Sometimes looking back I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming

I knew we were at a make or break point in our relationship. I thought it was a make point.

I am still remarked at the magnitude of the loss

We’ve all been through breakups that have hurt

There are so many layers to the loss I’m surprised I’m I’m still feeling it at the magnitude that I do

I feel like I lost my best friend…like my best friend died

I understand the grief process now

I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror because something was missing and I could see it in my face

When somebody says I’m out you have to let them go

I chose to acquiesce and not do anything

It was the hardest decision I ever made

If someone is putting you on a pedestal it’s easy to devalue them

Moving forward was like climbing Mt. Everest

I just want to get through the day and here’s how I take care of me

I read a lot

I learned more about myself

Learning somehow makes some of the pain worth it

I can learn about me

I can grow from here

I had an unceremonious awakening

I had a breakdown on the streets of New York

I remember thinking a year from now I’ll be in a completely different place regardless of what happens

I’m sure I’ll be able to find the silver lining here somewhere

There could be so much less grief in the world if we all understood our own backgrounds better and our partner’s backgrounds better

Love is not a zero-sum game

What you’re losing could be opening a space for you to gain something

Just because something ends doesn’t mean it was your fault









I was married young

I was married 20 years

About halfway through we began to drift away

I started to feel like I was mourning the marriage while I was still in it

I was going through the motions

I wanted that shared responsibility of taking care of one another

I needed to make sure that I did everything that I could

I needed to know I could look at my children and say I have tried everything I can do

I cannot take care of you until I take care of myself

There was no way I could give them a healthy life

You have to prepare how you are going to step forward if that happens

It’s just like any other emergency management plan

For me, it was a clean cut

I was prepared mentally to go on with my life

When my kids have asked about my side I don’t go there

Everybody is entitled to how they feel

I stopped worrying about what everybody else thought

I evolved

You do the best you can do that particular day

Give yourself time to breathe

Ground yourself again

My mom was actually proud of me for sticking up for my kids and sticking up for myself

It’s okay to make that change

Be true to yourself

You have to remember that if you’re not happy now there is going to be a time when you are happy








I was 17 and went away to college

I met this guy and it was my first love

Our lives were so intertwined

He had cheated on me and my life was turned upside down

My first love and my heart sank

I forgave him

I didn’t want to believe it

We continued to date and he continued to cheat on me

My mother knew that he had cheated on me

When I love I love hard

I was putting so much energy into the relationship

At that moment I realized he just doesn’t care

It was a very explosive relationship

I was just really sad

I walked out the door and closed it and I guarantee he thought I was coming back

After we broke up I just fell in this dark place

All of a sudden I’ve got to redefine myself again

I just almost hid

I remember being in my room and Netflixing all the time

I only left my room to go drinking or work out

I didn’t know who I was anymore

I started only leaving my room to work out

I was working out 4-6 hours a day

She said either you need to get professional health or you need to go to yoga with me

Yoga started out as a workout but it was the first time I truly had to be by myself

I didn’t know how to redefine myself so I just filled it with working out

At the time I didn’t recognize it but I fell in love with yoga

This hour of mindfulness this hour of myself doesn’t have to be about working out

I just realized it’s not my fault

I can’t blame him for the entirety of the situation

I realized in savasana I had to let this go

I really feel the power of yoga could save the world

My message to everyone is I still struggle with it to a certain extent

I still have those thoughts of I look fat

Now I have the tools on how to cope with it

I took the time to work through it

I need a routine and that’s helpful for me

I don’t know if I’ll ever fully be healed from those thoughts

Stuff is going to happen and sometimes it’s out of your control

When I have those thoughts I can acknowledge them, process them and then push them away

Know that you’re okay

Know that you’re not alone

That was my whole world

I didn’t know anything else but that world

You’re not alone and you don’t need to sugarcoat things

You’re worried about what other people will think

By saying it out loud you feel this big weight off

You can reinvent yourself 100 times and it’s going to be okay










I proposed within 6 months and we were married within a year

Our relationship went from the first date to divorce in three years

I was at work and she had wiped out all of our accounts

She had just stolen tens of thousands of dollars out of our mutual bank account

She had planned to tell me that night at couples counseling

There is no way you should ever get engaged to anybody until you’ve been dating at least a year

I went into this relationship well aware of what I needed and what I wanted

I didn’t want to waste time

I started negotiating my non-negotiables

All of a sudden the life I had been picturing disappeared

Anything I was doing that was not processing my emotions was a distraction

I made time to process

Sometimes we don’t want to be sad but we need to be sad

It’s not as debilitating as it was

It got to a point where it didn’t stop me from living my life anymore

I was able to get to the point where I could wish her the best and mean it even though that hurt was so great

I really leaned on some of my friends who had already gone through it

One of the things I learned is I’m a pretty great person

There is someone who is going to recognize the greatness in you

Everybody has to do their full part

My ability to always land on my feet has become more apparent to me

I learned to be more patient

I learned to enjoy the ride

The only thing we had guaranteed in life is change

We need to treat every day as we are meeting a new person

She liked the idea of being married more than she liked the idea of being married to me

If you have the ability, talk it out with a therapist









I am a product of divorce

My parents have each been married three times

People can learn from our lessons

My husband had had enough and started yelling at my son and they got into a fistfight

It was the first time I’d ever seen anybody hit anybody in my family

He said I want a divorce and I’m done with you

I had no money to do anything

It took almost 9 months for him to move out

They wanted to arrest my son

I had three weeks to pack up everything in my house and move out

The last thing I ever dreamed of was having the police come to my house

There was a lot of positive thinking that needed to take place

When you’ve made the decision to leave it’s a lot easier than when someone decides to leave you

You exist but you don’t know how you’re existing you just do it

It takes time to work through all the emotions to have that closure

When you get divorced you need to put your kids in therapy

No matter what you can do anything

You can reinvent yourself

I became a new person

I focus on the things I really like and that makes life easier

Anything is possible you just have to take baby steps and eventually you will get there

It gives me a purpose

To make myself a priority is not always easy to do

It’s all about the adults setting the example for the kids

Take it one day at a time

Focus on the positives

Life isn’t over just because that person is out of your life









I was from a very very small town

I came from a religious background

I met a boy and he was a bit of a bad boy

After two years he asked me to marry him

I was excited and very much in love

Two weeks after the wedding his sister knocked on my door and said I have to tell you something

I couldn’t imagine there could be anything horrible before that moment

She told me my new husband was a convicted felon and had spent 18 months in a federal penitentiary

He came in the door I confronted him and that was the first time he hit me

I didn’t really know what to do

He was instantly remorseful he said he’d never do it again I believed him

He started coming in late he started drinking more…he changed

The second time he hit me landed me in the hospital for almost two weeks

It was in the hospital bed I decided no more

I was bruised and battered and I was on a mission

In the hospital, I planned and plotted

I got out of the hospital and essentially I was single at the point

I decided I would stay with him long enough so that I could gather enough money to leave

I hired an attorney

He would call me and threaten my life telling me he would beat me with a baseball bat

I had to watch my back

I was scared but I knew I had to leave this person

I said to myself I will never again go back to that situation

I had a full-time job, a part-time job and I got another job and went to school full-time

That was at a time when police and judges didn’t take domestic violence so seriously as they do today so I didn’t have a lot of support

I had to wait two years for a divorce

Two years of stalking and being attacked

I was ashamed, I was embarrassed but I had to find a way to pick it up

I decided there had to be some good to come out of this…some way I could use this help others

I learned although my situation was horrible there were people who had it a lot worse than I did

It was uplifting for me and helped me to see my situation better

It helped me see myself as a person who could survive

Without that, I would not have met my now husband

Ultimately it all had its purpose and it worked its way out

There is no reason someone’s hand should come at you that way but at the time I felt like I deserved it

You didn’t do anything to deserve a hit or an infidelity

The counselor said to me, “You’re broken and you don’t even see the cracks.”

This brokenness that you are are what left the door open for him

I had to realize there was something in me that allowed this

A lot of what he did to me was a manipulation that started at the very beginning

What was it about me that was blinded to that

What about you allowed it?

I need to be perfect and if they knew this happened to me I’m no longer perfect

I really planned my exit and it’s important to do that

Getting a therapist was a pivotal decision

You have to take the time to think about what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it

As women, we take things on our shoulders