Jenny: She Had Planned The Wedding Since They Were Children

December 17, 2018

Jenny found herself Suddenly Single when she realized she’d known her husband for years, but they were living completely separate lives.

I realized I was in a relationship and I was still lonely.

I didn’t feel like I had a partner and we were living two different lives.

A much as in my head I had planned this wedding with him since we were children, because we grew up together,  it was not the fairy tale I believed it was going to be.

All of my dreams of picking out a home together and having a baby together were suddenly just squashed.

I thought not only would I be Suddenly Single, but I thought I would be ETERNALLY single.

Why not lift your head up and get up and do something that makes you feel good?

I knew that getting up and getting out of my head would be the best thing for me.

The last thing I was thinking about was meeting a new person.

There are so many elements that make you up.

I decided I was not going to feel bad for myself.

I was not looking for love when I found it.

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