Dave: Infertility, Adultery, and Alcoholism

February 11, 2019










We spent ourselves into bankruptcy trying to have a kid

I’m still friends with both of my ex-wives

It’s hard to throw away someone who really truly knows you, warts and all.

I didn’t want to lose a friend.

If we had cut spending maybe I would have been home more

The shoulda coulda woulda game is not that helpful

With my second marriage, I inherited teenagers

She admitted that she had cheated on me and I was just devastated

I thought at the time there was no hope of ever turning this around

At the time I was operating on 100% emotion

There are people who have worked through this and have come out stronger on the other side of infertility

We had a really bad habit of not forgiving

Know when to argue

You both bend as much as you can and at some point, you can’t anymore.

Just because you are upset doesn’t mean you have to say that kind of stuff

I was ecstatic that she found the right guy

I saw myself getting sucked in because I just love to help people

Somebody has to want to change themselves

In the end, the only improvement is self-improvement

God has your back

If I can just hang though this horrible period something better is around the corner.

What did I do wrong?

I feel I will be a better partner in the future

1+1=3 The two of us together makes something phenomenal

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