Whitney: Dumped Via Text On Her Move To Be With Him

February 18, 2019









I felt like I was in a movie

I got this text saying I don’t want to be in a relationship with you

I was in this new city by myself

It all went so quickly

When you have this connection you’ve never had before it makes it hard to slow down

You get sideswiped by reality when that person really isn’t ready or they’re just not the one

I had been dating for a gazillion years

I had never met someone who I connected with on more than one level

There was no closure

I knew I had been happy

Surrounding yourself with people who are positive can help as well

You vibe has to change

I’ve noticed when I don’t get my way I take that to heart

I can choose not to marinate in the disappointment

I learned what a trigger is and how a trigger can spiral you into this sad vortex

It was a psychological F-bomb

I’ve learned the less I have these triggers…the more it goes away

The less I thought about it the less pain I felt

You’re dating the same guy because you’re not learning the lesson

Moving forward, take the time for yourself and realize where you played a piece

It’s hard not to condemn yourself and start beating yourself up

Most people are not taking the time to do that self-reflection

It’s embarrassing sometimes to admit you suck

Don’t wallow indefinitely

Some of your coping mechanisms may not be healthy

I had to lay off the wine and find something else

Whatever you are doing make sure it is healthy and take care of yourself

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