Nina: The other woman showed up on her doorstep

March 18, 2019









He had been having an affair for more than a year

I gave him a few minutes to grab a few things and kicked him out

I knew something was happening I just didn’t realize it was that

He had spent that last year gaslighting me

I did not have the most stable childhood

I’m living with someone who is making my life a lie

The structure of ideas you’ve built around your life to make it work all of a sudden dissolves

I was always very clear that I really needed to feel this

I would pull my car over to the side of the road and sob

I really wanted to move past this

I embraced minimalism

I went back to school

It feels good to be moving forward and moving past that experience

That experience doesn’t define me anymore

Right after it happened it was all I could talk about it

There will be a time when you are on the other side of it

Let it break you

Build up that foundation again

Embrace that opportunity

Feel it, feel all of it


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