Gloria: Widowed after 26 years of marriage

March 25, 2019










I was married for 26 years  and I knew him most of my life

He had cancer and it lasted 3.5 years

I had an unbelievable wave of support

I had two children 19 and 9

Lord knows we needed to laugh

My hospice people told me for the first Thanksgiving and Christmas you need to be out of the house

We eat cheeseburgers in his honor

Music has been a good outlet for me

I have memories of us playing the music

His presence is just still there

You have a choice after someone dies of curling up in a ball

Five years later this can still hit me out of the blue

My children saved my life

The whole situation that we were in was so difficult

I said to my children, “I hope my legacy to you is showing you what a marriage really is. It’s until death do you part and it’s in sickness and in health and if you don’t take those two seriously then don’t get married.”

You learn to value things like the daily hugs

I found out I was a lot stronger than people thought

I found some sort of inner strength and God too

For the first time in my life I had money

Each morning dawns with a new reality of loss of the one who knew you best

You cannot prepare for that

The aloneness of this is profound

You need friends who won’t run away from you in fear

I would ball my eyes out until I almost threw up

You just have to constantly tell yourself it’s going to be okay

I try to look at my blessings

There are things that are good and they’re still there

I’m glad I was married that was my gift

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