Rich: Hidden financial issues revealed after the marriage

April 1, 2019









We met and got married 6-7 months later

There were issues that were hidden from me or I had ignored

I worked really hard on this marriage, harder than any relationship before

I was exhausted mentally and physically

The relationship died

It was very sad and it’s still is sad when I think about it

One of the cool things I got out of our relationship was a love of thrift stores

Every time I grab a piece of clothing I remember when I bought this with her

This was my second marriage…I didn’t want to fail again

I finally came to the realization that couldn’t be the person that cured her

I finally just gave up and ended up the relationship

I started volunteering

I can spend more time with my family and more time with my friends

I feel like in the past year I’ve grown 10 years growth

I managed to lose 80 pounds

I felt like I’m nowhere near ready to consider being in a relationship again

You have to embrace the grief part

The bad days are not going to kill you

You’re going to have days where you’re sitting in a Starbucks and a song comes on and it just crushes you

Being single allows you to do those things that bring you joy

It’s so hard to end a relationship

Understand that it’s going to be hard and it’s going to take a while

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