Debbie: He hit her teenage son and then said he wanted a divorce

April 15, 2019









I am a product of divorce

My parents have each been married three times

People can learn from our lessons

My husband had had enough and started yelling at my son and they got into a fistfight

It was the first time I’d ever seen anybody hit anybody in my family

He said I want a divorce and I’m done with you

I had no money to do anything

It took almost 9 months for him to move out

They wanted to arrest my son

I had three weeks to pack up everything in my house and move out

The last thing I ever dreamed of was having the police come to my house

There was a lot of positive thinking that needed to take place

When you’ve made the decision to leave it’s a lot easier than when someone decides to leave you

You exist but you don’t know how you’re existing you just do it

It takes time to work through all the emotions to have that closure

When you get divorced you need to put your kids in therapy

No matter what you can do anything

You can reinvent yourself

I became a new person

I focus on the things I really like and that makes life easier

Anything is possible you just have to take baby steps and eventually you will get there

It gives me a purpose

To make myself a priority is not always easy to do

It’s all about the adults setting the example for the kids

Take it one day at a time

Focus on the positives

Life isn’t over just because that person is out of your life

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