Kenny: From first date to divorce in three years

April 22, 2019










I proposed within 6 months and we were married within a year

Our relationship went from the first date to divorce in three years

I was at work and she had wiped out all of our accounts

She had just stolen tens of thousands of dollars out of our mutual bank account

She had planned to tell me that night at couples counseling

There is no way you should ever get engaged to anybody until you’ve been dating at least a year

I went into this relationship well aware of what I needed and what I wanted

I didn’t want to waste time

I started negotiating my non-negotiables

All of a sudden the life I had been picturing disappeared

Anything I was doing that was not processing my emotions was a distraction

I made time to process

Sometimes we don’t want to be sad but we need to be sad

It’s not as debilitating as it was

It got to a point where it didn’t stop me from living my life anymore

I was able to get to the point where I could wish her the best and mean it even though that hurt was so great

I really leaned on some of my friends who had already gone through it

One of the things I learned is I’m a pretty great person

There is someone who is going to recognize the greatness in you

Everybody has to do their full part

My ability to always land on my feet has become more apparent to me

I learned to be more patient

I learned to enjoy the ride

The only thing we had guaranteed in life is change

We need to treat every day as we are meeting a new person

She liked the idea of being married more than she liked the idea of being married to me

If you have the ability, talk it out with a therapist

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