Alex: Dumped via text message on the way to couples therapy

May 13, 2019









I was getting dressed to go to some couples therapy when I got this text message

I hadn’t seen it coming

Hindsight is 20/20

Sometimes looking back I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming

I knew we were at a make or break point in our relationship. I thought it was a make point.

I am still remarked at the magnitude of the loss

We’ve all been through breakups that have hurt

There are so many layers to the loss I’m surprised I’m I’m still feeling it at the magnitude that I do

I feel like I lost my best friend…like my best friend died

I understand the grief process now

I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror because something was missing and I could see it in my face

When somebody says I’m out you have to let them go

I chose to acquiesce and not do anything

It was the hardest decision I ever made

If someone is putting you on a pedestal it’s easy to devalue them

Moving forward was like climbing Mt. Everest

I just want to get through the day and here’s how I take care of me

I read a lot

I learned more about myself

Learning somehow makes some of the pain worth it

I can learn about me

I can grow from here

I had an unceremonious awakening

I had a breakdown on the streets of New York

I remember thinking a year from now I’ll be in a completely different place regardless of what happens

I’m sure I’ll be able to find the silver lining here somewhere

There could be so much less grief in the world if we all understood our own backgrounds better and our partner’s backgrounds better

Love is not a zero-sum game

What you’re losing could be opening a space for you to gain something

Just because something ends doesn’t mean it was your fault

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