Jenn H: When my son was a newborn we PCS’d and I knew no one

June 10, 2019

My husband is in the air force

The first time he went TDY we didn’t have kids

I came home to an empty house

We got married and left for our first duty assignment

He did a good job preparing me

The more difficult times were when we started to have kids

I didn’t really know anybody

It forced me to greet my neighbors

You have to find a support system

When my son was a newborn we PCS’d and I knew no one

Here I am, new mom, newborn trying to figure things out

For me, it has always been important to keep going in one way or another

We moved overseas and then we were in Kansas when we had our second son

My husband deployed to Baghdad

I felt the pressure to need to find a job

I saw everything being depleted

I stressed myself so much

I needed a job so I went and got it

I gained a lot of weight

A lot of stuff went on emotionally and financially

Even though we’re in the era of WhatsApp, it doesn’t replace the human being that can be in front of you

When you keep your mind busy and yourself busy it makes time go fast

Not having your spouse there to hold you when you’re having a bad day that’s rough, but being a military spouse, fortunately, has made me stronger. It never makes it easier but it has made me stronger.

You have to give yourself the grace to have those down days

I find when I take some time for me it allows me to think clearer

We have a lot going on and a lot of decisions to make

When we take care of ourselves it allows you to clear some of the mind so you can make better decisions

When you think you can’t do it or you’re overwhelmed you absolutely can

When you have a military spouse friend they know what they are going through

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