Jon M: I’m seeing a pattern of people reconnecting

July 1, 2019

Jon co-owns a diamond store

There’s no formula. When life has its setbacks you never know what’s around the corner.

Just by living your normal daily life good things can happen.

Having a sense of perspective can help.

I think everything works out for the best, even though it doesn’t seem like it.

Don’t go buy an engagement ring and then go back to someone. That does not work out.

If you have jewelry you don’t want to wear go to somewhere reputable take in your jewelry and say, “What can I do with it?”

I’m seeing a pattern of people reconnecting with someone from the past after their first marriage didn’t work out.

That’s the thing about jewelry. The person who gave it to you might not be around but you can hold the piece in your hand.

Life hands you its own set of adventures and there’s no way to predict what you’re going to get.

It’s a personal journey.

When you’re in a positive mind space positive things happen.

When I see a broken engagement I see another engagement 12 months or less.

You can inscribe something on a diamond. A secret message to yourself.

Diamonds are the strongest substance on earth.

It’s perfectly okay to have an initial period of sadness and grief in order to fully get over it.

You have to move on. You have a family that cares about you.

Take time for yourself to grieve. Tell your friends what you’re doing but then move on.

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