Nick: I found myself single, living with my parents and losing the ability to move

September 30, 2019


We were high school sweethearts and ended up being together for eleven years, married for five.

As teenagers, we went through the honeymoon stage on steroids.

She ended up being diagnosed later in life with borderline personality disorder

After college, we ended up moving in together immediately

The episodes of BPD, depression, and manic states continued to increase in their intensity and timing. It ended up she was hospitalized and at that point, she told me to get out and never come back.

I went back to our house, packed six garbage bags of clothing and moved in with my parents.

I promptly ended up blowing out my knee and spent the next 3 months on the couch.

I found myself single, living with my parents and losing the ability to move myself around to interact with people.

The good part about that was it gave me all the time in the world to reflect back on my situation. How I got there, how I felt about it, where I wanted to go from here.

It was honestly probably one of the best things that happened to me.

There are so many distractions in life. While distraction is an invaluable tool, being forced to take your time and reflect on everything that you have just gone through and figure out who you are as a person in this new world.

I had sent so much of my young life, of my personality development, literally every aspect of who I thought of myself as a person involved in this relationship.

Now, who I was as a person was such a huge question that was left to be answered.

The conclusion I came to was I like who I am. I’m very happy with myself with my work ethic, with my drive, with my relationships with my family and my friends, with almost every aspect of who I am as a person I have a positive self-view.

None of that would have happened without that relationship. It was such a huge building block for who I became as a person.

It was such an integral part of my growth as a person.

If they’re not judging you then why should you be judging yourself?

I’m looking for baggage that goes with mine. Everyone has baggage.

It was important for me that I found someone I could be as open with as I was with my family.

I became more open to listening to other people and listening to their situation.

I used to try to solve problems. When somebody had an issue I would offer a solution to discuss the potential fallouts

There are certain problems that don’t have solutions, or at least not easy ones.

They’re looking for a sounding board, an acknowledgment of their feelings, an acknowledgment of their courses of action rather than approval or dismissal.

I realized in my previous relationship that I was constantly trying to solve problems.

I think towards the end that relationship was really unhealthy for both of us.

I wonder if she is better off without me because I was an enabler or making it worse.

Time heals all wounds. It is truly amazing.

Nothing will ever be the same but that doesn’t mean it won’t get better.

There really is life on the other side.

I’ve never been happier in my entire life and that something that is achievable.

In the moment of the breakup, it’s not possible.

What it was for is to make you who you are as a person.

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