Uma: we all have that one person who gets on your nerves but you can’t do without them

June 29, 2020









It was after I was divorced. You’re in this place where dating is not the same anymore. You’re a little dejected.

I reconnected with an ex from my past. That was red flag number one.

I think we all have that one person who gets on your nerves but you can’t do without them…you can’t breathe without them.

I kept giving him so many more chances than he should have had and there were so many red flags along the way. When it finally ended it ended without my knowledge.

I go in the house and everything looked the same but something felt eerie and that’s when I walked upstairs, walked into the closet, and everything was gone. He completely just took the day, packed up everything, and left.

I was confused. I tried to call him but he’d blocked me. He’d blocked me on the phone and on social media so there was no way I could get ahold of him. We didn’t have a fight or anything. It was just one of those things where you’re sitting there wracking yourself thinking what did I do? What did I do? I was in shock.

Six months to the date I got a call at midnight and it was from him. He kept calling. Funnily enough, I had met someone else. Five years later, here I am in that relationship.

From a young age, I wanted the soulmate twin flame relationship. I kept forcing it like a lot of women do. I got so caught up in that I was willing to date people who were not for me.

On my vision board it said, attract your soul mate with Reiki. The first time I met him he came in to get a Reiki session from me.

To move from friends to dating was tricky.

We were sitting on my couch. There was this one moment where it just got quiet. I looked at him, he looked at me and there was just that feeling.

There was this heat that was building between us. We had that look and he kissed me. We kissed for four hours.

Allow yourself to grieve. Don’t try to get back on the saddle too quickly. Don’t try to be okay too quickly. Don’t try to carry on with life too quickly. Allow yourself to get as messy as you need. Allow yourself to fully, fully grieve, and then allow yourself to pick yourself back up.

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