Karen Mc: If I couldn’t hang onto an alcoholic, who could I hang onto?

September 7, 2020









I got married when I was not quite yet 22 to someone who was quite a bit older than me.

Once you reach a certain point in life, you end up going downhill a little quicker than a younger person would and so I couldn’t really relate to what he was going to. It was a little strained but I was quite surprised when I found he had passed away.

I didn’t know until 3-months later that it wasn’t really a heart attack it was an accidental overdose. He was taking prescribed pills but unfortunately, he was abusing those. I was very angry about what he had put me through.

I was in kind of a rage and I went to a therapist and he truly changed my life. He made me understand that I could pick someone else that was truly healthy for me.

I was nervous but also kind of excited to find someone that was my age and that we could enjoy doing things together and being a couple.

I treated dating almost as a job. I was going to find someone that would fit with me. There were times when I would go on three dates with three different guys in a week. I met probably 50 gentlemen.

When I met my husband that I’m married to now we just absolutely clicked. My dad was dying at the time. His mom had died of cancer much like what my dad was going through.

It was like we had been together forever.

He jokes that I’m in charge and he likes it that way.

He’s my rock.

I know I can be a bit much at times and he lets it slide off his back. It’s not a big deal to him. If I could clone him I’m sure I could make a lot of money.

I can’t say he’s the perfect guy because there is no perfect guy but he’s the perfect guy for me.

My family loved him off the bat.

I don’t know what I did to deserve him but I’m glad I did it.

When I married my husband I knew he was an alcoholic and I married him to save him and I think it’s because of my low self-esteem. If I couldn’t hang onto an alcoholic, who could I hang onto? I just didn’t know that I could do this well.

Therapy is huge. He put me in the direction of life. He wrote me a blueprint for the rest of my life.

When you step your toe into that dating pool, don’t look back and don’t give up. Be safe of course and find the perfect person for you. Settling is not a good idea. You’ll get through this. It’s tough but it can get a whole lot better.

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